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I'm now receiving treatment for...

...prostate cancer.

Yes, you read it right. After 2.5 years, the Ibrance has lost its effectiveness and there seems to be breast progression, so a new line of treatment was called for.  Because the cancer is hormone influenced, and we've gone after the estrogen end of it, my doctor remembered an article he read about using a drug used to treat prostate cancer to go after androgen. I'm still receiving traditional chemo for the ovarian cancer and now have 6 more pills a day to take (and they're horse pills!). Things could still be worse.

Of course, we're unsure if the insurance company will approve me getting the pills because I'm not a man. Fingers crossed!

I've been very lax about keeping up with this blog. As spring settles in and the weather becomes nicer, I hope to remedy that. I'm anxious to see color and birds and sunshine!

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