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Never a dull moment!

But hopefully, we're heading into a period of calm, at least for long enough to enjoy some beautiful weather.

Last we met, I was waiting to be approved for the prostate drug Xtandi. And I was approved! The pills are HUGE and the dose? 4 a day. Yay! But hey, if it buys me time, I'll manage. I also started on a drug called Xeloda, which is also 4 pills a day, 7 days on, 7 off, so my pill count per day is getting high.

About 6 weeks ago, I was found unresponsive on the bedroom floor. I got a ride to the hospital in the ambulance, woo hoo! It's odd being in bed and waking up in the hospital. Pretty much just stayed less than a day - I don't recall many tests being run. I had a wicked scratch down the side of my face so I looked dangerous, haha.

It's kind of weird having that happen because you don't know if it will happen again. Apparently the doctors weren't too concerned, so life went on.

A few weeks later, I was heading toward the car with our young dog Cha…

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