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18 weeks DONE!

Yesterday was my 18th treatment for the ovarian cancer. My last one! My tumor markers for it have dropped to 19 (perhaps even lower by now!), putting me way below what is considered normal (38 and lower). My treatment now will be only for the breast cancer and that is a pill for 21 days, then a rest period of 7 days. Monthly blood work, injection and a port flush top it off. Easy peasy!

Talking with the doctor yesterday yielded loads of happy news, too! Our questions were about what the future holds as far as treatment for the ovarian cancer, chances of it flaring up again and how we would keep an eye on it.

As for keeping an eye on it, tumor markers will be included in my monthly blood work. They have been a reliable way of keeping an eye on the breast cancer and we will trust that it will work for this, too.
Recurrence doesn't seem likely in the doctor's opinion. He said about 20% experience recurrence within 6-12 months, but those people tend to not get back down into the …

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