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I know it makes people uncomfortable to hear talk of death and in particular, my mortality (sorry sisters), but occasionally, it's on my mind. Arrangements have been made so my kids won't have to do much other than write a spectacular obituary and scatter some of my ashes in some fantastic locations. I don't give dying much space in my head but sometimes things happen that make it impossible to not think about it. Last week, there were several things.

First, I know my body and I knew something was going on inside because of some back pain, acid reflux and general discomfort mid-body (fluid). A five pound weight gain (in 2 weeks) confirmed (to me) that I wasn't imagining it. CT scans confirmed it to my medical team. The ovarian cancer seems to be acting up and my ascites was back. Paracentesis at the end of the week had me feeling much better. I see the doctor this week to see what our new game plan is for this bump in the road. Until I talk to him, I'm not worryin…

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