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My rose colored glasses aren't strong enough sometimes

The world is getting meaner and I hate it. I hate that it's become okay to be very openly racist (again, I guess). I hate that it's become okay to hate a whole religion because of some that take it too far. I hate that people don't think twice about dropping F-bombs. I hate that people are shot because of road rage. I hate that people aren't kind. And I hate that my grandson has to grow up with all of this.

It's all so senseless and it wears me out and makes me sad.

(I allowed myself to be sucked into the comment section of a local news article about a shooting in Pittston where one woman repeatedly claimed that a black man shouldn't have gone into a "white bar" and that black bodies will start turning up in the Susquehanna if the "NFH scum" insisted on coming to the area, because Italians. Thankfully, several people called her out on it, but she was steadfast(ly racist).

(I also know there are so many good people in the world. It would be …

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