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I haven't taken a good photo in months. I haven't felt very motivated about much of anything lately. I understand now that the more-than-usual health stuff has a lot to do with it and it should get better as I get further into this treatment. That's my hope, anyway. I still don't know how I'm going to react to this treatment...I've felt like crap but the ascites have a lot to do with that, I think. After weekly paracentisis since mid-September and 2 rounds of chemo, that seems to be getting better. So from here on out, I should have a better idea of what to expect.

My favorite (not) side effect so far? Delayed nausea. Yeah, that's a thing! Anywhere from 3-7 days post treatment. I have pills for it but the delayed part is what makes it fun! Who knows when it's going to hit? I've actually looked into buying barf bags to carry with me. Neat, huh?

I will likely get to be on this treatment for well, forever or until it stops working. The ovarian cancer …

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